We are the good guys!

It goes without saying that we would prefer that you choose appoint us as your Agency but we also know that 6% of people that call us decide not to. If you do decide to appoint another Agency, use this list to identify tell-tale signs that all is not what it seems...!

No-one is ever available to answer the phone. This normally indicates that the owner of the business works full time doing something else and uses your money to fill his evenings!

They answer the phone 'hullo?!'. You are dealing with a business and should expect as a minimum to hear the business name upon connection. If you don't, where has your call been diverted to?

Be wary of anyone quoting very low prices! If someone is only charging £60 for hours of surveillance, what does that tell you about the job they will do, the equipment they use and the manpower they have? It is better to pay more and get the job done in a shorter time.

What equipment do they have? Are all of the tracking devices conveniently out on 'jobs' at the moment? This normally means that the haven't spent the £8350 on tracking devices that we have to make sure they are always here if you need them!

Do they bother to find out about your situation or just give you figures? If its just prices they are interested in, what does this tell you about their commitment to your case?

When the phone goes through to an answering machine, does it simply say "...This is an answering machine, leave your message..." Be wary!!

There are many companies doing what we do. In fact some of them have even complimented us by trying to copy our website but there is only one Black Cat Investigations Ltd and luckily for our clients, we will always be here 24/7 to offer advice, guidance and support when you really need it.

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