Happy Valentines Day?

As January gently fades away taking the memories of Christmas with it, we move ever closer to the next most anticipated date in the cheaters calendar - Valentines day. Here, the skills of juggling the balls of deceit are truly tested as cheaters around the world desperately try and formulate a plan that will allow them to spend time with their spouses AND their lovers.

Cash flow needs to be managed to allow the secret withdrawal of funds from the joint bank account and for the truly daring, nights away holed up in a travel lodge somewhere supposedly working on phantom corporate projects need to be arranged. And lets remember that one can't simply announce that they will be away around the 14th if the hammer of suspicion is to be kept away; No, our cheater has to start laying the groundwork for VDAY: Part II months in advance. And even then its not over: Bank statements have to be intercepted as the postman delivers, receipts have to be disposed of, alibis have to be reinforced and god forbid you have to try and remove makeup stains from fresh white shirt collars.

All in all, the whole Valentines day period can be a very stressful one for our cheater so if you see two people with mismatched wedding rings sitting together somewhere romantic on the 14th, remember to congratulate them on their planning prowess....

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