The Hunter becomes the Hunted

Some time ago, a client contacted us with reservations about her husband’s recently increased activity on their home computer. This, twinned with the fact that his patterns seemed to have changed and he seemed to be ticking all of the boxes on the ‘I am cheating’ checklist, prompted her to purchase some of our award winning IT Forensic Software. In basic terms, the software would offer a detailed report on everything he did whilst using the computer albeit completely covertly and without his knowledge.

Software installed, she settled back with the intention of monitoring him over the next few weeks and confronting him should she discover anything untoward. At this point, it is worth mentioning that SHE also uses the home computer and not distinguishing between users, the software was also logging all of her activity (can you see where we are going with this yet?)

So, some weeks pass and returning the computer she prints off the report of her husband’s activity and to her delight (and notable disappointment) he did nothing more than purchase a couple of items on eBay, write a few documents, send a couple of innocent emails and some other equally innocent tasks. Satisfied that her mission was complete, she put the document on their desk and went about filling the rest of her day.

Later that evening, the husband returned from work and entering the office, saw the document on the desk. Angered by her lack of trust, he confronted her and demanded that she remove the software from the computer. She apologised and sat at the PC before loading the covert software onto the screen. At this stage, the husbands curiosity got the better of him and he asked that she show him how it works and what had been logged which she duly did.

The log appeared on the screen and the husband gasped at the level of detail captured as the log prompted him to remember all the actions the log said he had made. Reading further he saw his emails recreated, the documents he had typed and the pages he had viewed on eBay. Then something else caught his eye. Instant Messenger conversations between his wife and one of their friends, detailing the most intimate aspects of the affair she had been having with him for the last two years or so...

Needless to say, the husband packed his bags and left her, but not before getting our name from her so that he could phone us and thank us for the intelligence we had enabled him to get on her.