Running your own Investigation?!

An interesting email landed in our Inbox recently asking if we would like to place a link from through to a website offering people all of the information they needed to run their own Private Investigations. Apart from the obvious response “Why we would possibly give you our clients?!” it raised another important question – What happens when you run your own investigation and, as it surely will, it all goes wrong?

To fully prepare for undertaking your own 'DIY' investigations, you have to be prepared for when you get caught as this is not merely a possibility but all too often, the inevitable outcome of trying to do something you are not trained to do. Explaining then, to a partner who is in fact not cheating on you, why you felt it necessary to invade their privacy in this way will not be an easy task. You have blown away any trust in your relationship and you will never be forgiven for assuming the worst of them. There is a reason that people employ Private Detective Agencies for this kind of work and that is quite simply that they can perform the tasks in hand without risk of detection.

For all surveillance operations we run we employ a team of no less than three Agents. These Agents are all equipped with covert audio and visual recording devices. They have the tools with them to bug cars, houses, restaurants and more and most importantly, there is ZERO chance of them being caught doing it. It is not that we are super special, it is just that we have been doing this for longer than we care to remember and have the experience required to do it properly.

This in mind, is it really worth saying (though not literally) to your partner ‘I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you’ and dealing with the fallout of that, all to save the few pounds you would have spent with us?

We didn’t think so.

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