The Credit Crunch

Call us negative, but this apparent Credit Crunch seems to be affecting couples in more ways than simply financial. Whether our marketing has worked or people are simply cheating more as a symptom of a semi dysfunctional society, we have noticed that our enquiry rate seems to be going up, as the Country's economy goes down. Could there be a link between the two? Maybe.

Let me explain...

It is Monday morning and the winter rain is falling once again. As you turn up your Thermostat another few degrees, your partner passes you tutting at your frivolous energy wastage. The post arrives and you see another bill sitting on your doormat, soon to be placed carefully with the others from Saturday you both agreed not to look at until now through fear of spoiling your weekend.

The pressure mounts as you open the envelopes and see yet more numbers that seem to have more zeros than your monthly salary. A petty argument ensues, and your partner leaves the house for the day, with the slamming of the door being his final word on your financial mess.

Driving to work, he remembers his carefree younger days where money was no big issue and he certainly didnt have to go without just to make ends meet. He begins to see you as the route of all evil, associating his financial issues with his marriage to you. By the time he gets to work, he is glad that he is out of the house and somewhere where he is appreciated.

You forgot to mention how nice he looked in his suit this morning. You didnt have the time nor the energy to make or share breakfast with him, and neither of you were in the mood for a fond farewell. Across the office, a women he shares space with is walking towards him with some coffee and a croissant from the staff restaurant. They talk. Not about money or bills or depts or the ever increasing cost of childcare, but about meaningless, carefree things. They laugh, something he hasnt done with his wife since they missed a mortgage payment.

The women walks away, leaving him with a smile and his breakfast and a thought crosses his mind. He thinks: Why cant my wife just enjoy life like her? Why does she always have to put a dampener on things? Why cant she say i look nice and bring me breakfast?

Of course, in any relationship, things grow stale after a while and no doubt the women with whom he shares breakfast every morning in the office would act the same as his wife if she were under the same pressures, but she isnt. And he doesnt see that, and thus, the seed of infidelity is sown again.

Dramatic? Maybe. True? Absolutely. This story was told to us by the wife of a target we recently caught cheating and offered to her by her husband by way of explanation for his actions.

It is easy to think that the grass is greener and look at others and assume life would be better with them. Just for a second though, tie a £200,000 mortgage to that women in the office who brings you croissants and see if they still taste so good.

They say money is the route of all evil, and certainly, it is a powerful marriage breaker. But there is always a way through and who better to guide you when times get tough than the person you once swore to love, honour and protect through better or worse. Find that spark that brought you together in the first place and the bills will become what they are. Just bits of paper, not wedges between you.

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