How will I know?

Unless you are extremely fortunate, most people in one relationship or another has had the thought 'How can I tell if my partner is cheating on me'.

You intuition is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal and chances are that if you sense that something is wrong, it normally is. But as you will know, there is a big difference in that 'sense of wrong' between a bad day at the office and an illicit affair.

This in mind, what can you look for that might indicate that it is something more than a stolen stapler or paper clip incident at work that may be playing on your partners mind? The following is a list of the most common 'tells' that one displays when doing something that their partner may deem inappropriate:
  1. Your partner may display a sudden change in their behavoiur, going from a happy outgoing person to one that is introvert and depressed. This however can also work in the reverse meaning someone can become more outgoing than ever before as they strive to put across that everything at home is fine
  2. They may start talking about someone they have never mentioned before. Believe or not, when someone has an affair or does something that they feel guilty about, their subconcious wants to tell you about it. Thus, they may start moaning about someone at the office or bringing them up constantly in conversation.
  3. The may become secretive with their phone or computer, adding passwords and pin codes thus 'locking you out' of this part of their lives
  4. They may start taking more of an interest in how they look, spending money of new clothes and changing their image dramatically
  5. Work may suddenly seem to be all emcompassing meaning that they need to spend more time at the office than ever before
  6. They may start socialising with 'old school friends' and going out to moreand more events that you are not invited to as you are not part of the 'old crowd'
  7. They may start wearing an aftershave or perfume that they have never worn before and take more of a interest in personal grooming
  8. They may suddenly adopt a new hobby or interest that has never been mentioned before

Of course, this list could go on and on and in truth, you will know the signs when you start to see them. The only question will be: how will you react?

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