Sleep is for wimps

Tiredness is a feeling that one gets accustomed to rather quickly in our line of business. As you would imagine, our targets are rarely agreeable enough to perform their acts of indiscretion between normal working hours and thus, we find ourselves trying to catch sleep whenever (or wherever) we can!

Today is a perfect example of such a situation. Like any business there are periods, especially around Valentines day for example, when everyone wants everything done at he same time. As well they should as we are, after all a 24/7 Agency and they are (after all) paying our salaries. That said, I find myself at the extreme end of this deal today as having had only 3 hours sleep in the last 24, I am beginning to see things which I am not entirely sure are there!

Trying to rest, I find myself having passed the sleep stage and, fuelled by this morning’s Red Bull and Coffee which has seen fit to kick in now rather than when it was needed, I am wandering around the office ‘wide eyed’ and with a ‘bushy tail’ that I am sure is mere seconds away from collapsing in a slumbering heap.

So, will rest come tomorrow? I think not. The phone, as it always does, has been ringing off the hook today and as part of a surveillance team, I am off to the west country to pick up another target at 0700hrs.

It is at these times when you find out who really loves the job and who merely does it for the business card and I have to say, no matter how tired I get, the adrenaline rush of a brand new ‘bust’ always keeps me on my toes.

Now, what cancels out the effects of caffeine and Red Bull?

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corben said...

Alcohol cancels out the red bull though maybe drinking wasn't the answer you were looking for. Tylenol PM works too.