Welcome to my world

I guess I lead a reasonably strange life. I am married with chilren, I live in Milton Keynes, Bucks and work as a Field Agent for one of the country’s leading Private Investigation Agencies. As matrimonial specialists, what this basically means is that I catch married people doing things that they really ought not be doing with people that they really ought not be doing it with. Some will say that this is an incredibly noble job as I give people the truth and others will claim that it is an invasion of privacy. To the latter group, I would ask “what do you have to hide....?”

Black Cat Investigations was set up with one aim: To offer people the truth, and that is a philospohy that we hold very closely everyday. Whether our clients are young, old, rich, poor, well educated or not, everyone has the right to know what is going on in their relationships and we specialise in telling them. Sometimes their instincts are wrong and there is nothing to tell, but most of the time if your intuition tells you that something is going on, it normally is. We simply give you the irrefutable evidence that you otherwise may never get.

So why this blog? Simple really: I love what I do and I want to share it with you. From team meetings, to testing new surveillance gear, to wandering through the darkness planting GPS devices on cars I am going to try and bring you into our strange little world of cloak and dagger operations and let you experience what we experience on a day to day basis because put bluntly: I am 32 years old, I am a guy and I get to play with night vision. Can I get any better than that?!

I will try to update this everyday to ‘keep you in the loop’ as they say and let you know what we have all been up to, but please forgive me if I miss the odd one as I have to sleep sometimes. So, until tomorrow night night world. Sleep tight and comfortable this evening as I have a evening off, but tomorrow, I am coming out in the dead of night to plant two GPS Tracking devices (Crystal and Ruby…we name all of our bugs!) So if you are doing something that you really shouldn’t be, tomorrow may be dedicated to you…


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