How would I know if they were cheating?

Our job introduces us to people for whom the security of knowing they are in loving relationship doesn’t exist. They cant focus at work, they cant sleep, eat or even socialise without that fear in the pit of their stomach that as they do so, their life as they know it may be crumbling behind them. Whether this fear is founded on intuition or fact is not relevant, just the fact that it is present in their mind is damaging enough.

People often approach us and ask if there is anyway of reading the signs to get the truth they seek and sadly, as every case (and person) is different, this is easier said that done. Your intuition is more powerful than any device or method we could employ and if you follow this, you will, in time, find the answers you seek. That said, many people want to take a more pro-active stance against infidelity, hence the need for agencies like Black Cat Investigations,and for those people we offer the following guide to ‘Universal Signs of Infidelity’

  1. Your partner’s working pattern suddenly changes for no reason and they seem to be coming home later and later from work each day
  2. They change the way they dress, look or smell perhaps adopting the style of one years younger that they are
  3. They take an interest in the Gym or start working out at home, or worse join a Gym yet show no physical improvement after many months of ‘training’!
  4. As per number four, they change their car, moving away from their traditional choices and choosing something completely off the wall
  5. They are suddenly in contact with old school friends or people you haven’t, nor will ever (seemingly) meet and socialise with them on an increasingly frequent basis
  6. They become engrossed with the Internet, spending more time in front of the screen, perhaps until the early hours of the morning
  7. They become secretive with their mobile phone, perhaps; employing a key guard or PIN code feature and seem to send more texts or take more calls than ever before
  8. They become easily agitated at home
  9. They lose interest in sexual contact with you or conversely, their sex drive suddenly increases and they are introducing things into the bedroom that they have never tried before
  10. They hide their mobile phone bill from you or suddenly switch to online billing
  11. They adopt a hobby that is totally out of character for them
  12. They show subtle changes in their mannerisms (we often emulate people we associate with)

Of course as mentioned, this guide is by no way definitive and the only true way to get the answers you are seeking is to call us, and if you can answer yes to one or more if the questions above, maybe the time to do that has come.

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